woensdag 29 mei 2013

Garage Geometry Details

So it is time to push the next blogpost.

Now that I have made the Paintover it is way more easy to see 'where' and 'what' detail I want to put into the Garage. This means that I have a sense of where this building is going before I start modeling and waste time on figuring that out on the go.

The model is still pretty rough as you can probably see, but this will make more sense once I start uv-ing the hell out of this thing. You can always put more detail into the geometry once it is textured and UV unwraped.

I've made a little time-laps video of how I did it. 

Thats all, but stay tuned because I've already UV unwraped the model so im currently working on the textures!

vrijdag 26 april 2013

Garage Paintover


After I made the blockout of the garage I wanted to make a paintover to get a clear image of what the model is going to look like when it's done. It is basically an extra step that a 2D artist would usually do after he received the rough blockout of, for example, a level of a game. So that the art can go into production after this fase.

If at this fase the art director sees the environment and says it's totally shit... than only the time is wasted on blocking and concepting so no production art has to be made twice. This paintover took me about two hours.

Comments and crits are always appreciated.

zaterdag 13 april 2013

Garage Blockout

Okay, before I made the car...

I already had a rough version of the little world I'm working on. It was supposed to become a world with a slightly 70s kind of concrete architectural feel to it. Since I wanted to do something different for a change.

As you can see I made a very rough little vehicle under the garage building. After I modeled the buildings I was feeling kind of anxious to start on the car but wanted to get it over with. So I made the little round car.

Lacking a proper art style research or concept artist I noticed a huge disconnect between the style of the car and the style of the buildings. I decided to go with the style of the car and took the car as the new starting point for the look and feel of the planet. Next thing I wanted to do is make the new garage. here's is the result of the blocking stage of the garage.

Here's a time-laps of the blocking process:

donderdag 21 maart 2013


Can you spot the difference?

Of course you can, but the thing is that from a distance the cars look pretty much the same. This would be convenient if you have multiple viewing ranges, where as you zoom out the higher polygon count models will switch to the lower polygon model. This is called "Level of Detail" or lod models.

This way you could render way more cars on screen or make more room to render the larger environment.
From a distance, the low poly version even reads better, because there is less detail that will start 'jittering' and some elements have been emphasized to enhance the look from far away.

anyway, maybe for next post ill make something new... or maybe not...

dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Little car texture

I originally didn't want to post today but I couldn't resist taking a shot at the texture!

It's very basic but I couldnt think of more detail that was necessary. When I made this texture I was thinking... where would the damage be on this car? Like rusty spots and things like that.

The answer is pretty simple, since I ride the car to work every day, the front of the car gets hit by little stones that get catapulted in the air by cars and trucks in front of me. So I focused the damage on the front. Because this vehicle is only occasionally used the spots have time to start rusting. I could have added more dirt and birds dung... maybe.

A mistake that often gets made is adding damage and scratches to textured object without thinking what might cause the damage in the first place, this usually makes the texture unnecessarily cluttered, random and basically lifeless.

Anyway this is one of the many things I am thinking about when putting work into texturing amongst other stuff that hasn't got anything to do with texturing, like... food...

Done for today!

maandag 18 maart 2013

Little Car Uv's

Hello there

This evening I've finished the UV's for the car and added some more small details here and there... like the exhaust pipe and window rain thing.

For now I've placed a 64x64 pixels texture on the model as a reference to see how far the different UV islands are to be placed apart. This means, that if I leave one pixel between the different UV's on a 64x64 texture, that I would have 2 pixels working space with a 128 pixels texture. Working this way helps me in optimizing the UV's for in a 3D engine so that even when Mip mapped and filtered, the texture seams will not be visible.

Even though the car is rounded I'll try to lay the UV's as straight as possible so I can have straight lines running along the curved shapes and minimize the jagged pixels along rounder corners. It does have some disadvantages, but overall I like working this way.

zaterdag 16 maart 2013

Little car Model

Little Round Car

First real post of this blog, it's a little round car for a little round planet.

It's not very highly detailed, but I tried to get the shapes in there with minimal geometry. I will start UVing and texturing as a next step.